abstract art background brown
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

i’m hooked,

these needles have pulled
at my heartstrings and
started to weave the
threads together in

a tight basket pattern
that binds me strand by strand in itself
and tugs unyieldingly
if i get too far away

it’s love

and i don’t know how it happened

ab teri mohabbat laagi, mere Saheb

it took years for feelings to grow
and now it has become clear
where i am always being pulled

shukhran lillah wal hamdulillah

2 thoughts on “hooked”

  1. Divine Love (Insha-e-Hakiki) very well defined from roots to the highest spiritual level, growing into a beautiful Lyric!!! Saheb ji tu more man bhave!

    Heartiest Congrats to budding Poetess, Our Dearest Saaraa with our Best Wishes for her continuing Success in her dilli (full of Ishq for Mowla bapa) efforts to express her feelings, starting from the roots (origin=heart including arteries ) to the top, expressing Ishq-e-Hakiki (Divine Love)! With my rudimentary/scant understanding; I can’t do justice to the high level poetic expression from the budding artist in poetic fashion!!! Thanks With our Best Wishes!!!


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