Photo by Tyler van der Hoeven on Unsplash.


We all, are all waiting
Holding on to our hearts, unable to fully breathe


Some of us run, shedding layers,
while others wrap ourselves in new meaning

Some of us dissolve,

while others come together forming an intricate crystal

Some of us steep,
Some of us weep,

Some of us cocoon
and some of us unfurl


None can sleep


Our pores open
And we all brighten
And lighten
And fade
As the sum of our somes
become One.

5 thoughts on “Intezaar”

  1. My dear

    I don’t have words to express my innermost feelings upon reading and absorbing this. I only find a deep melting in my heart and tears flowing freely.

    Love how you have captured and expressed all of our collective thoughts and feelings about intezaar.

  2. Ya Ali Madad Saara,

    Truly deeply contemplating and spiritually rooted expression. MashaAllah, I felt that my soul was touched with a beautiful whisper. May Maula hold your hand and may HE be your GUIDE & HADI in every facet of your life. Aameen,

    Love, Dad☺

  3. YAM Saara.
    I don’t know you or ever met you, but I truly truly have to agree with your Dad, and not because he’s your Father, because of what he said about the beautiful whisper. I have definitely felt that in my SOUL!!!! Congratulations Saara.

    Deedar Mubaraki and May you continue to be blessed everyday.. Keep up the great work!!! Aameen… 🙏🙏🙏

  4. It’s a great pleasure to see Saara, as a young Visionary with a unique insight into innermost human feelings, culminating into various forms, adapting to types of Occasions/Places.
    Saara, in your typical style, you have given
    Life to various human forms, being adapted by people on the Occasion of “Intezaar”. You have clearly brought out the
    innermost feelings as well as outward actions of various people, gathered together for a high spiritual experience! This is really a great feat at a young age & You are entitled to “Hearty Congrats”! MUBARAKI!!!

    With Our Best Wishes for ever-increasing Success in your noble pursuit of better & better expression of your innermost feeling s in a better and better form!!!

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