retreat (2014)

tonight, we are so quiet
that the heavens themselves reach
down to take us up, to take us in

for days we have retreated
into and away from ourselves,
at times ebbing, at times flowing


nothing and no one can give us what we already have

my heart’s tapestry is woven with your thread
but i was the patient weaver

i’ve known your melody for a time
but i’ve made my music longer

the gifts you gave were empty boxes
until the moment i opened them


tonight, i am the night
and the stars, and the breeze

i deepen

and then i fade
into the morning light

4 thoughts on “retreat (2014)”

  1. Very well written… May I know the depth of the poem…have I interpreted the poem right?

    Being in a relationship and eventually was no longer important to the partner, now is the time I have started believing in myself and fading from the previous memories?

    1. Thanks for your comment, sharenraphael :)

      I think the starting point for this poem was certainly a thought along the lines of the one you mentioned. I was thinking about love generally, and where love “happens” – in me, in the other, or in between? I make no conclusions, but the imagery in the poem is meant to point the reader towards the idea that the love happened within the lover, and therefore, love does not necessarily end with the disappearance of the “other”.

      Beyond that, I was thinking generally about the awakening (and subsequent fading) of the self as one begins to realize what and who they really are. I think those ideas are most apparent in the header and footer of the poem.

      My hope is always that I’ve written these poems in a way that allows for a reader to make any interpretation of it that they wish, so that no one is right, and no one is wrong, but all views can be accommodated, and all feel that they “got” something out of reading the poem.

      Best wishes :)

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