living in you (2014)

living in you is a sober kind of intoxication

in it, my capacity to give increases,
and a focus resolves: that each day must be lived


what you must do, is what has been assigned;
all you need know, is your task

will you be the one blade of grass that refuses to bow in the wind?


it’s incredible how fortunate we’ve been made;
it’s incredible how fortunate we’ve become.

5 thoughts on “living in you (2014)”

  1. Beautiful words as always, Saara.
    Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Leibster Award.
    Feel free to ignore it if you’d rather, but if you’d like to accept, the details are on my latest post.
    Blessings, Jan x

    1. Jan, I really appreciate the nomination, thank you very much for that :)
      I think at this point I will not pursue it; I’m not quite ready to commit myself to the answers to those 11 questions. Hope you understand what I mean.
      Regards :)

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