i never saw you before (2014)

you have always been here,
but i never saw you before

though i searched for you;
i looked for you


have you always been you?
have i ever been ready to see you before now?


a season comes, as it should
a flower comes up from the ground this season,
like none before, like none before


have you always loved me this way?

have you been waiting,
for me to see you?


a rose blooms, as it should
a lover unveils himself
this season

like a star whose light reaches me today after years of existence
like a fragrance that begins in one corner of the house and spreads slowly throughout my body
like a seed that awakens in opaque soil, only to suddenly emerge
like a crystal that forms not a moment after i pull my waiting eyes away


you have shown your sign


listen to your heart, they say
let it guide you


which part of me sees you, feels you?
which part of me knows you?


you have known me a long time
loving from near, loving from afar

i cannot say how, but i remember you


i close my eyes to see you

i enter my heart
to meet you

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